Terrence Dixon – Vertical Hold EP [30EXO006]

The prescient sound of an abstract never-coming future built from the everlasting commitment to the boundless experimentation. The prolific one-of-a-kind Terrence Dixon is back to 30D Records. “Vertical Hold EP”, holds on his unlimited creative scheme: on the basis of the Detroit sound, he transforms that legacy in a fully refurbished approach wherein the true creativity smashes any possible stereotype. Every track leads us to the unexpected. From the skillful Dixon’s mind, any sonic universe is possible. The straight low pad of “Due Process” flows on a kaleidoscopic background, energized by a danceable bass drum. Second cut, “Vertical Hold”, is a wicked amazing sequential madness from a dreamlike dance floor. “Transition Area” seeks and finds out the depth, a mental mantra to disappear in. The rhythmic and mechanical arpeggiator of “Total Vehicle” drive us to a dancing frenetic hypnosis. And, finally, “Assembly Building”, unfolds a fine-draw and imaginative minimalistic groove.


Terrence Dixon – Vertical Hold EP [30EXO006]

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