Musical Tasting #13: Spain @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 25.10.2019

Musical Tasting is a series of events, a collaboration between Asociatia My Transylvania and The Hipodrome Of Music, aiming to promote countries, regions and their musical genres, combining auditions with traditional recipes from the area, cooked with as many local and seasonal ingredients. We will have musical and culinary trips in Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Japan, Middle East, Greece, India, The Caribbean, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia or Romania.

Hipodrome is a blog born in 2009 in the Hipodrom neighborhood of Sibiu, its aim being to promote a music that is less known to the wide public. Hipodrome is a mixture of electronic music, new wave, jazz or disco from different places of the world.

We will listen Spanish post-punk, synth-pop and minimal synth from the 80’s.
My Transylvania cooks dinner, Hipodrome plays the music.

Event partner: 1717 Bere Artizanala

Limited number of places.
Book at

Musical Tasting #13: Spain @ Syndicat Gourmet (Sibiu) 25.10.2019

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