VA – Squirrels On Acid [SOFWHITE002]

In the era of micro dosing, Squirrels On Film will provide you with a generous portion of the good stuff. Build your Acid House into an Acid Pleasure Fantasy Castle Extravaganza with the current selections from these various squirrels (on Acid). Solar’s “Unless You Have Wings Like a Bat” will conjure the ghosts of rave past for the séance, and all your funky friends have been invited. The Warehouse has drum machines in the red, and skeletons in the closet, all wearing smiley face masks and handing you gel tabs you probably shouldn’t take. Chris Mitchell hits next with “trks.” The dystopian dance party is on tonight. There’s no going back. You’re too far gone. The walls only appear to be shaking and breathing heavily like they’re dancing and you’re standing still. Sepehr jacks the tab further on “Servant’s Taunt” like the Criminal Justice Act had never been passed. It could be Miami Bass or a field in England but it’s a party, and everyone’s eyes are perfectly dilated. Bayview Acid Squirrels “Love Is The Slug” is pure phuture phantasy pleasuredome meltdown.


VA – Squirrels On Acid [SOFWHITE002]

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