Thomaas Banks – Necare Disko EP [SINAHTI001]

Necare Disko EP is the debut original release from, Thomaas Banks and also the first release on his own imprint, Sinahti. The 4 track EP delves into his love for EBM & the slower side of Techno. Necare Disko rocks with low slung future vibes. Gnarly metallic synths and apocalyptic Vatican orchestration meld with a rolling beat to provide a sleek burner with plenty of grind and glimmer. Vital Claret ups the tempo with a rousing trip to the chasm edge. Ring modulated arpeggiated leads clash with insistent embers of modular rebellion. A background hum rises throughout to reach a punishing crescendo. TYVYT|IYTYI on the first remix of the EP’s title track and he pushes the swamp funk button for a syncopated noise workout, with a hot as hell detuned noir melody around the halfway mark. Magma! The EP closes with a loose open electro remix of Necare Disko from Hymns. Open and lighter than the rest of the EP, nevertheless it still has a taut, Germanic vibe with distorted bass funk dueling hard towards the end.


Thomaas Banks – Necare Disko EP [SINAHTI001]

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