Chino – Tripalium Podcast 115

Tracklist :
Radiation 30376 — Lost (unreleased)
Illektrolab — Nasty Bits
Marco Segato & TLXCO — Fuck the SSTM
Yaws — Reflekt
Fisherboyz — On The Wall (Seltron 400 Remix)
Club Music — Impulse CTRL
Leibniz — Speed
Vield — Terorsela
One Day In Metropia — Unknown Soldier
Lithium Parasites — Sadomasochism
Biøs — Spectral Subspace
Kluentah — Max Power
TFT — Citalo
Chino — Autostrada (soon on Uncanny Valley)
DJ Overdose — We All Have Bloody Thoughts
Entro Senestre — Thirty Six
?????????? — Albedo
I’m a Cliche Edit Service 73 — by Kris Baha
CEM3340 — East 7 Miles
DJ Richard — Casca’s Theme
Parrish Smith & Interstellar Funk — Marcodosing
Dyktando — Wolf
Chino — Carabo Cruise (soon on Uncanny Valley)

Chino – Tripalium Podcast 115

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