Aquatronics – Deep Horizons EP [MS003]

For their third release Magnonic Signals have recruited Aquatronics, a producer whose previous releases show off a penchant for electronics that steer towards a drexciyan sound palate and ethos… The EP kicks off with (+) Wave Gliders a bubbling electro burner with deep warm pads and fizzing 808 drum programming accompanied by thick hypnotic melodies, really sets the tone. (++) Ocen Myst takes us deeper into the abyss with a wonderful low end and glassy synth lines taking centre stage, beautiful and sorrowful electro. (-) Deep Horizons, the title track, is the kind of electro that takes you on a journey through the depths of the pacific ocean, lush warm pads and synths lines full of emotional content, wrapped masterfully over snappy snares and shimmering hi-hats, this track has it all. (- -) Twilight Dive closes the ep in great style, a fat low end over a cracking 4/4 to create a superb electro/techno crossover, a track that is sure to set dancefloors alight. From start to finish this is an EP of pure electro bliss and not one to miss.


Aquatronics – Deep Horizons EP [MS003]

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