Credit 00 / Egyptian Lover – Super Scratch [FM01]

FM Label reconnects genres and builds new bridges between music, fashion and design. Established in 2019 by Milan Fatrla, the label enters Prague’s flourishing scene with a vision of music, in which the new revisits the old. A vision where strongly-rooted love for hip-hop merges with passion for everything electronic and danceable, to offer records where these two genres meet and intertwine. With its modular attitude, FM Label plays with norms of record sleeve design and fashion. In its first phase the label will put out three trilogies, each trilogy in a different package developed with local designers and artists. The first release sees an exciting mix of German’s Rat Life Records head honcho Credit 00, and LA’s Eight-Oh-Motherfucking-Eight don Egyptian Lover. Credit 00 is known to be inspired by American 80s Ghetto music, so this mix of artists is not so distant as one might think – see it as a study and application of this strain of music in two different parts of the world. Super Scratch 12″ is held in a special cardboard sleeve which can be reshaped into a vinyl display holder.


Credit 00 / Egyptian Lover – Super Scratch [FM01]

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