Onont Kombar – Epitaph Of Ego [V-030]

A few years back label boss I-F was listening to a dj-set from one of his favorite dj’s Do Te Ra Ho! which contained a track which is a weird cross-over between ambient, electro and industrial and which was seemingly without ending. He asked him what track this was and it turned out to be an unreleased track named The Last Day Lasts Forever from the mysterious outfit Onont Kombar who previously only had a release on his own imprint Ordo Viatorum. After connecting to Onont Kombar he told him he wished the track would never end and that is why he decided to release it full-length on Viewlexx to make sure it will, indeed, last forever. The title track Epitaph Of Ego is a catchy psychedelic minimal synth track which has been used as jingle on Intergalactic FM for quite a while now so you may recognize it from there. Then there is Moondust In My Eye, a wonderful dreamy dance floor track, warm and cold at the same time, almost like watching a full moon all night while being warmed by a campfire.


Onont Kombar – Epitaph Of Ego [V-030]

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