Dan Piu – Let’s Come Together [EPHCS002]

DAN PIU - Let's Come Together

OPIA sublabel Euphoric State welcomes the warm and analogue sounds of evergreen producer, Dan Piu. The Swiss producer is known for propelling vital, and ahead of their time sounds since the early 90’s. The ‘Let’s Come Together’ EP makes no exception as Piu showcases some of his catalogue ranging from 1994 -2020. The aptly named ‘Bleepy at 5AM kicks off the EP, an early morning energiser with a spring in it’s step. Followed by and crafted in ‘94 is ‘El Viento De La Noche’, four and a half minutes of pure emotive bliss, a raw house vibe from the golden era. B1 ‘Angry Giant Machine’ glides you through its twists and turns, a glitchy and playful number ready to make you move. ‘Mimic Human Form’ is a cross between modern Italo and mysterious electro, a curious outing with its low swung bassline, and swirling synths. Out of ‘99, and still sounding fresh is ‘Q.H.’, a straight up hip-hop energy, with dusty broken drums and rap samples. A fitting ending to a spectrum of sounds.


Dan Piu – Let’s Come Together [EPHCS002]

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