Johannes Volk – The Lost Capsule [ASD008]

In a distant future a spaceship crew passing the gate to an unknown civilization. The first contact takes place via telepathy, but fails due to a mental breakdown of the spaceship crew. The telepathic conversation left irreparable damage to the swarm intelligence of the unknown civilization as well and it is classified as a hostile attack. Thereupon they flee and fight their way through the unknown surroundings of the alien planet. With their remote control they are able to get their spaceship back and leave the planet. A technical defect on the spaceship causes them to drift away into infinity, but after a few weeks they reach a time journey sector and manage to activate a time portal back home. After 7000 years they return home and they have to find out that their home planet no longer exists. The only thing they can find is a lost capsule… the new album of Johannes Volk on Axis Records.


Johannes Volk – The Lost Capsule [ASD008]

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