VA – AVI 001 [AVI001]

A STRANGE WEDDING/DATASAL/84PC/IRO AKA - AVI 001 (feat Khidja remix)

The first Avidya release. Starting with The Proposal by A Strange Wedding, this Lyon based producer, builds on their “modern style” slow trance to create a label anthem, a template. Stretched Arp, hypnotic bass and searing melody, underpinned by ocean wide kick. Datasal are next, as this Gothenburg’s trio’s debut arrives. Acoustics (Miyazawa flute / Fender bass) and electronics (Roland RS-09 / Korg Mono) collide; prog rock meets post punk meets dance; outside organised compositions to improvise to the beat. Side two leads back to the origin. 84PC, the dormant Tel Aviv collective (featuring Katzele, Naduve, Asaf and Yovav), return with a previously unreleased remix from Khidja. Their “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” moment is peak time perfection. To close Barcelona’s Iro Aka arrive with another debut. Their bubbling 303 is a tender dreamtime finale that points ahead.


VA – AVI 001 [AVI001]

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