Roy Porter Sound Machine – Jessica [MJLP9095]

ROY PORTER SOUND MACHINE - Jessica (reissue)

By the late 1960s, drummer Roy Porter had already worked with some of jazz’s true greats (Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie included), spent time in prison and weened himself off heavy drugs. It was at this point that he founded Roy Porter Sound Machine, a heavyweight jazz-funk combo with a penchant for raw rhythm and blues. The band’s 1971 debut LP, Jessica, is one of the most magnificent sets in his vast discography. Featuring sweaty, floor-ready rhythms from Porter, beefy bass, wild electric piano licks, fuzzy guitars and some fine brass arrangements, the album is as good a collection of jazz-funk/funk fusion tracks as you’re ever likely to hear.


Roy Porter Sound Machine – Jessica [MJLP9095]

One thought on “Roy Porter Sound Machine – Jessica [MJLP9095]

  1. Feel like they didn’t do their best since their debut. Still, this super group is a worthy tradition of how amazing the fusion of jazz and funk can be; must-play wherever you are! Nice share with this, I actually forgot about it. ..

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