VA – MRG010 [MRG010]

Marguerite Records announced its first release scheduled for 2021: ‘MRG010’, a Various Artist compilation celebrating the label’s tenth output. A side opens up with ‘My unknown friend’ by the charming Diana Berti, a blue starry-eyed minimal synth jam, followed up by Mayo’s slo-mo acid affair ‘SloMos’. A3 is ‘Miss your stupid face’, a crunchy, metallic downbeat cut by SYNTETYK boss Dzuma, and what a better way to follow such delight than a snake charming rollercoaster by Exhausted Modern? Closing up the first side is ‘Same shit fail (shame)’, a mesmerizing slow tempo deep track by Lyon’s Big Science head honcho Warzou. Flip side is unwrapped by ‘Weaklink’ a Lliasons Dangerousesque floorfiller from Lost Soul Enterprises boss R Gamble, while ‘Alpha’ on B2 marks the return of Bianco Negativo on their label with a dreamy minimal synth // ambient techno hybrid. Sitting on B3 is the high tension cinematic EBM roller ‘Duty-bound majority’ by Colombian artist Filmmaker; B4 switches the vibe and turns full speed with a mutant electro excursion by LIES affiliated Chupacabras. Madmoizel’s ‘Culture 19’, a powerful yet playful raw post punk gem, brings the compilation to its final chapter.

VA – MRG010 [MRG010]

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