Takeshi Kouzuki / FLML – Tracks From The Alley EP [ALV007]

KOUZUKI, Takeshi/FLML - Tracks From The Alley

Takeshi Kouzuki returns to Alley Version label for sharing with the brothera duo FLML, the split mini-LP “Tracks From The Alley”. Takeshi Kouzuki keeps crossing old school house with his recognizable classy signature. The warm but hitting acid of “福”, opens the Takeshi Kouzuki’s side, while in the second track “1986” deep-and-dark synthetic magic atmospheres are driven by the beating of the twins TR707 and TR727 drum machines. “Yellowacid” burns in its acid-jackin’ madness. Opening FLML’s side “Hot Spread” is obscure jackin’ techno mechanical psychedelia, the following “Jack That Strings” is a pure raw windy city deep‘n’acid track. In the closing “Does Mean It’s You” a freaky FM synth melody is driven by the pulsing of liquid and creepy analog synths and drums, while an 8-bit sampled Andy Warhol’s speaking fragment marks the space, until dies in a delay feedback.


Takeshi Kouzuki / FLML – Tracks From The Alley EP [ALV007]

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