Mike Ash – Carbonic EP [ACID003]

ASH, Mike - Carbonic EP

Mike Ash with a 4 tracker on No Survivors! Recordings. The title track is body melting Sub Bass meets synapse smashing 303 ACID riffs that roll over and over you in waves as Mike tweaks the frequencies to perfection. This is real Electronic Music performed not programmed. Cascading acid lines, washes of stomping crashing 808 drums and a classic synth break with filtered twisted vocal echoing around your head. Aggressive drums pound you from the outset, heavy distorted 909 type drum sounds, Detroit influences are apparent in the choice of lush pads and dynamic filter sweeps wound together by a gurgling acid line pushing and twisting the sound your head. Definitely not a static affair with all the frequencies in flux. Tense British Techno with the sickest, heaviest square wave bass possible. A stomper with just a touch of the theme to 80’s TV series Knightrider about the nagging synth line underpinning the 303’s, The Hoff would be proud.


Mike Ash – Carbonic EP [ACID003]

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