Diana Berti VS Violet Poison – Shadowland [MRG011]

‘Shadowland’ is Marguerite Records’ 11th release, kindly provided by Francesco Baudazzi, the mastermind behind Diana Berti and Violet Poison and other countless wonderful musical aliases. Slowly emerging from the Ligurian Sea waters, A side comes from the mysterious Diana Berti; the opening track is a minimal synth with industrial attitude jam called ‘I wanna spend the night with you’, followed up by the melancholic italo-wave affair ‘Lonely soul’ on A2. Closing the first side is the retro cinematic high-tension roller ‘Mistral’. On the flip side Francesco summons his Violet Poison alias with 2 dancefloor ready tracks: B1 – the title track, ‘Shadowland’, – a mutant jam that you will absolutely love if you dig the Smersh, and the atmospheric new-beatish cut ‘The Mistake’. Closing up the EP is the clumsy wave ‘There will be always hope’, a heartful positive hymn for the new-romantics, inspired by Italian new wave bands from the 80’s such as Victrola and 2+2=5.

Diana Berti VS Violet Poison – Shadowland [MRG011]

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