Shkema – Kronikos Pt. 1 [GS002]

SHKEMA - Kronikos Part 1

Shkema’s debut EP ‘Kronikos’ is a double release with four originals and four remixes. The author describes it as ‘world news show, where each song represents a different story’. Some of them he has experienced himself, some are hearsay from TV news programs, and some are actually imaginary. Stories are not really related – just like in the news. ‘Ispanija’ was created during a friend’s band rehearsal. Psychedelic vocals sounded interesting in Shkema’s headphones while he was watching soundless singers and the muted musicians. The true reason why this track is called ‘Ispanija’ is still unknown to this day. According to Shkema, ‘Ola’ is an allegory of Plato’s cave. It’s a story about prisoners, chained in the cave and the only moving thing they could see was a passing shadow – quite deep, uh? Justin Strauss and Max Pask recently have joined up to form new project Each Other. True dance floor legends delivered bass-busy remix of ‘Ispanija’. It could probably be best described as ‘juicy distorted badboy from New York you don’t want to mess with’. Moscow’s finest – Simple Symmetry – joined the pack and went back to the roots. Their remix for ‘Ola’ is future clubbing classic, four to the floor banger with a drop perfect for pogo.


Shkema – Kronikos Pt. 1 [GS002]

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