Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Ready in LED – Fase Rem

This release has been planned to be out for a long time and as Olya (Ready In LED) is from Ukraine, it gives us even more reasons to find ways to support Ukrainian people in these terrible times. We will donate 100% of this Bandcamp release revenues. Enjoy the music and donate as much as you can to support our Ukrainian friends.

The awaited return of Italo Deviance’s Don Marcello Giordani on Slow Motion is finally here, ready to kick you with a bang. The new single taken from his forthcoming LP “Advanced Process”, “Fase Rem”, mixes old technologies with a new production attitude, creating a floating hi-nrg number that features Ukrainian rising star, Ready In LED, on vocals. Neapolitan synth-disco-king Whodamanny rounds the release up with a remix that according to our mastering engineer “will burn down the dancefloors”.

Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Ready in LED – Fase Rem

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