VA – LSE15 [LSE15]

This is Lost Soul Enterprises’ 15th release on wax, a tidy compilation of off-kilter dance floor cuts and misfit synthpunk anthems. Side A commences with the gothic, neon-soaked Miami bass of Alonzo’s “Cruising with Pap,” featuring sinister verses delivered by a shadowy syrup-sipping secret guest vocalist. Up next is bucking bronco Nick Klein’s slow-mo industrial headbanger “Posture Test.” Lastly, wild synth lines and ethereal dubbed-out samples dart in and out over a tough, punchy rhythmic foundation in Naeem’s “TLX,” an android’s sci-fi electro vision gone haywire. On the B side, Heidi Sabertooth’s “Was It You” launches us deep into chugging acidic territory, combining enigmatic spoken vocals and a psychedelic, slowly evolving SH-101 line over a persuasive groove. Next comes raucous synth-punk powerhouse SSPS with “Paradise Lozt,” raw as fuck, chanting a litany of dystopian tales atop pumping drums and a wash of demented organ-like synth stabs. Finally the release closes with the short but powerful “New Vape City” by the nomadic Douce Angoisse – an absolute earworm, a doleful coldwave ballad whose lush production plays perfect counterpoint to the icy, deadpan sentiments within.


VA – LSE15 [LSE15]

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