M Parent – Who Is Your God? [SOT004]

“These tracks were recorded in my Queens studio in 2019 after several live performances. Most notably the Microtones party in Ithaca, NY where I had the honor of playing the Forest City Lounge, which is the historic home of the Black Elks, a Black non-profit, fraternal order. I wanted to challenge myself with these performances by limiting the amount of effects I used as well as the amount of equipment, thus these tracks have a lot of space to breathe. These are also my most intricate tracks to date. Instead of tripping tracks out with fancy effects and modules, I instead focused on song structure, with each track telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end.”

The live set also tells an overarching story as well. The main storyline is about a fictitious satanic death cult that worships through sound (“The Frequency”). As they are preparing for their final ascent (/descent?), one of the members starts questioning everything (“Heaven and Hell”). It is seen by the group as a “Regression” and the cult is not happy about it (“I’ll Beat Your Ass / Til The Day That We Die”). The member is confronted and asked “Who Is your God?” 

M Parent – Who Is Your God? [SOT004]

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