Derek Carr – Elektro Statik EP (Part One) [TRECS006]

Classy Detroit leaning four track electro EP by Derek Carr on his own label Trident Recordings. Derek’s brand of Detroit-influenced electronic futurism has always oozed class, with the Irish producer prioritizing mood, melody and ear-pleasing synth sounds above all else. It’s this blend – both club-ready and perfect for home listening – that makes his releases worth checking. Electro Statik (Part One) is the first in a series of vinyl excursions that as usual blur the boundaries between styles. He begins with the immersive chords, jumpy lead lines and smooth house beats of ‘In Transit’, before diving headlong into deep electro-meets-IDM waters on the impeccable ‘Mimas’. Turn to side B for the skittish, far-sighted and picturesque electro-not-electro number ‘A Star Dies’, as well as the warming, pitched-down electronic melancholia of ‘Dione’.


Derek Carr – Elektro Statik EP (Part One) [TRECS006]

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