The Jak Presents DirtybLends Demonstration III: Technique

Rush Hour Music invited Traxx in Amsterdam to Doka playing from start to end for 8 hours {150 person capacity/maximum vibes}

the demonstration for Doka was the 3rd exclusive edition of dirtyblends entitled: ⚙️🎛 TecHnique ⚙️ further showcasing musical blueprints of all rare chicago tracks both old and new, plus many NEW tracks unheard from dirtyblends along with raw disco, funk and edits all over and in between like the days of old in chicago diving deep into the ghosts of Ron Hardy at the Music Box, Liaisons Dangereuses at the Hacienda, NEW music from Nation and Kode plus INSANE unreleased treasures from Prince come together to raise the room’s musical temperature and awareness that was a self-evident spiritual experience, illumination, truth, emotional depth and suspension of time.

this demonstration has lots of new music to come from several releases we won’t announce just yet but what has been provided in this document is hours upon hours that is literally all over the rhythm 🎵 scales ⚖️

this was an intimate connection to the dance floor..

The Jak Presents DirtybLends Demonstration III: Technique

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