Nezzy Idy – Unveiled [SOF08]

The current transmission from the Squirrels On Film universe is Nezzy Idy’s full-length album presented on glorious magnetic cassette tape. Emit Idy, along with the rest of the Oakland based Katabatik collective’s music, events & DIY community ethos have been a consistent inspiration for many in the Bay Area electronic music scene, & The Squirrels are delighted & honored to bring this album to the wider world. From the sonic miasma of opener “Ateh,” with its banshee wails & scrap metal synths, into the kaleidoscopic boogie of “Hallow” & “Prometheus,” Idy explores early Industrial, Cold Wave & Acid House textures. “Contumacy” & “Nyquest” add elements of Electro to the cauldron, conjuring spirits, emotion & drama from his vocals drum machines & synthesizers. “Teeth” goes full-on Warehouse Rave, evoking the sweaty late night illicit undergrounds that once drew wide-eyed revelers from all over the Bay Area to the seemingly abandoned industrial dark corners of a pre-gentrification Oakland, California every weekend. “Y Is The Sign” & “Systemic Volume” are hallucinatory funk workouts & “Xiolin” comes full-circle back to the radiant sound-collage of the opener.

Nezzy Idy – Unveiled [SOF08]

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