R Gamble – The One With the Eyes [MRG013]

“The One With the Eyes” by R. Gamble is Marguerite Records’ 13th release. The tracks were all written between the summer and fall of 2020. The pandemic was in its bewildering initial phase when daily life had come apart from its familiar rhythms. The tracks describe this disruption and the return to a musical primordial state by limiting the field of vision to locate the essential. In fact, the artist limited himself with one synthesizer, one drum machine, and a sequencer and the instinct guided him shaping these little vignettes. Now nearly two years later they’re being released into a world that has in many ways resumed its regulated flow. We hope people can still catch a glimpse of that other world outside of time, the vague fear crystallized, the shadows made by afternoon sunbeams gliding like continents across the floor. Marguerite Records owners the duo Bianco Negativo were strongly impressed by the last album track ‘Precious Arc’ and decided to make a remix in a dark cinematic key.

R Gamble – The One With the Eyes [MRG013]

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