Hard Ton – Bigger Is Better Pt​.​1 [SBOX016]

The genre re-defining chameleons of Hard Ton are back on Schrödinger’s Box with their own brand of style splitting acid house disco. Bigger is Better, a double EP album, has all the depravity and drama you would expect from these disruptors. “Waking Up The House” melts claps, cowbells and vocals over a molten melody. Bold stabbing keys are central to “The Right Thing”, lyrics spiralling skyward as a bitter acid line pulls the track down into the sweaty pit of the club. That TB303 goes into overdrive for the wonderfully demonic hedonism of “Bypass My Love.” Two-stepping jack is given a voice thanks to the breathy words of Josh Caffe as fanfare rains. The understated “Let Yourself Go” is a distant cousin of the bawdy and brutish “I Know A Bitch”, the heavy bass and cutting samples of the finale recalling the basement bruisers of Chicago.


Hard Ton – Bigger Is Better Pt​.​1 [SBOX016]

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