Fiasko Leitmotiv – Humblekids LP [CBR017]

“Humblekids” is the first studio album by Fiasko Leitmotiv. This work is a journey in multiple dimensions of music and narrative, and even if its deep roots are certainly electronic, the listener will land in different atmospheres, different genres mixed together in new keys, with new meanings, all in a post punk environment. from a narrative point of view, “Humblekids” presents two main styles, one metaphisical and one surrealistic, and somehow the second seems to carry the first one in a mix of tragedy and irony. “Hanako” and “Balls” , the two singles from the album, underline the presence of theese two different but coexisting approaches, tied together in a necessarily sense, like darkness and light , day and night.


Fiasko Leitmotiv – Humblekids LP [CBR017]

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