Le Brouf – ProAntiAnti Going Nowhere EP [PHY122]

The Romanian duo Le Brouf presents “ProAntiAnti Going Nowhere” a six songs EP that will be released by Diffuse Reality’s sublabel Periphylla Records. The band goes through several musical genres and styles, from post punk to alternative rock with electro and industrial influences. The entire release can be listened on youtube and is available for pre-order on Diffuse Reality’s official Bandcamp page.

Composed of Edward Nicoara and Mircea Florut, Le Brouf was founded in 2017 in Oradea, Romania. After almost 2 years of experimentation, Le Brouf took its final form towards the end of 2019 when they started working on their first album titled ‘Charade’, self-released in April 2020, followed by ‘Counter Measures LP’ which came out on January 24th, also self-released.

Periphylla Records released as a Podcast Le Brouf’s first concert that happened earlier this year in their hometown Oradea.

Le Brouf – ProAntiAnti Going Nowhere EP [PHY122]

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