Daniel Monaco – Acid Maria [BAP166]

Following on from Tu Sei Pazza, Daniel Monaco returns to the Bordello with the bitter taste of the TB303 on his tongue. Acid Maria smoulders with the intensity of a Belgian new beat banger circa 1989. Smoky words whisper over rusted rhythms before the fog and strobe take hold. Cold strings haunt with snaking coils of 303 squawk growing ever bolder in this intense track. The flip is divided into two very different remixes. First up is Curses who approaches the piece in his own unique way. The fanfare and frigid lines of the original are expanded. Strings come care of guitars as a bright synth wave reimaging unfolds, a reimaging with one of the most daring breaks you are likely to ever hear. Younger Than Me close. This interpretation adds a fevered tone to the original. BPMs rise and pitches are pushed while chilly notes soon balloon into a frenzy to bring a full floor energy. Three tracks born to bring brimming basements into the beyond.


Daniel Monaco – Acid Maria [BAP166]

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