Ton Lebbink – Wat Doe Je Met Me? [RUBBER011]

By the late 1980’s Ton Lebbink was a well respected figure in Amsterdam’s alternative scene: he was the drummer for the Amsterdam post punk group Mecano, a true punk poet and worked as a bouncer at Amsterdam’s main music venue Paradiso. He released two solo albums, both in his unique narcotic style: laying absurd Dutch wordplay over stripped down frigid instrumentals. When house music took the world by storm in the early 90s, Lebbink hopped on the bandwagon – trading in his cult status as one of the main faces of the 1980s underground, for a life spent toiling to produce sampledelic house music in comparative anonymity. “Wat Doe Je Met Me?” is one of many fruits of Lebbink’s labour during this renaissance period: only three tracks appear on the EP, but all make up an unusual early house sound tempered by Gregorian chant, cut-up vocal, subdued synth plucks and an overall hazy sound.


Ton Lebbink – Wat Doe Je Met Me? [RUBBER011]

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