Morgan Geist – Duper [ENV042]

20 years after he released the superb (and subtly eclectic) “Super EP”‘”, Morgan Geist has prepped a follow-up of sorts – or at least a new three-tracker that takes the same ‘mixed up’ approach. “Duper” is a not-so-subtle callback to his 2001 EP, “Super.” On “Twilight Express,” the playful OSCar synth riffs and sweeping disco strings (courtesy of Kelley Polar) echo the palette of Geist’s cult classic “24K” and early Metro Area. “Black Test Car” is a unique collision of minimal, Krautrock-style drums, sound library textures and spacey percussion. Wrapping things up, “Feeling Is Mutual” is a rare acid outing that pushes beyond the usual comfort zone, the 303 acting more as feather than hammer above major-key modulations. Weird acid meets “quiet storm” R&B? Super-Duper!


Morgan Geist – Duper [ENV042]

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