Max Lessig – Ácido Me Salvó EP [LAXACID1]

Max Lessig, DJ and music creator based in Leipzig, on his new release for Skylax label refines his vision and sound accuracy with a 12 inch “Ácido Me Salvó” containing 5 demential titles. A mix of house, italo-disco and acid. It starts off with a bang with the brilliant heartbeat of “Alba Trentino”, a murderous track on any dancefloor. “Calling infinity” with its smoother tempo reminds us the class and elegance of the best Omar S. It is to better leave with house imbued with the trance of astral memories with always those little acid tips that explode your head. On the B side, the rascal does not stop revisiting you the most pumpy 90s house (think about Jark Prongo or Gat decor) with “The Limbo Project” a title that continues to grow along your skin. And to finish its demonstration, the fabulous “Dance Equation” which will delight fans of Krystal Klear and more generally those of the region of the Piedmont lakes. This is Modern italo-disco. This is a master stroke.


Max Lessig – Ácido Me Salvó EP [LAXACID1]

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