Timothy J. Fairplay – Dungeon Module Volume One [DGMD003]

Timothy J. Fairplay presents ‘Dungeon Module Volume One’ an eight track compilation of tracks made by occasional visitors, Alias’s, pseudonyms, mystery producers, assumed names and alter egos who make music in Timothy’s Dungeon Module studio. Some of these tracks have appeared in Timothy’s dj sets and radio shows over the last year.There’s Timothy himself with ‘88 Manchester swimming pool party jam ‘Soap’. ‘Brain Wave’ by Humberside synth pop/new wave outsider Roland Telescopes. The robotic electro of ‘Northeast Sector’ by Zentraedi and closing side one with some deepspacetechno is MR. R.I.N.G. with ‘Mick’s Broadcast’ – taking its cue from a cut from the Running Man Soundtrack with a similar name. Side B begins with Main Street Mining and the flanger heavy jackbeat of ‘Main Street’, then we have the long over due return of Antoine Rouge with the stomping euro dance of ‘Street Sucker’. Berlin school from Longo with its disco beat and monotone ‘Dancing Boys’ refrain. Finally the raw electro of Effectron ll ‘One More Day’ made with just an 808 and a Transcendent 2000.

Timothy J. Fairplay – Dungeon Module Volume One [DGMD003]

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