VA – Under The Stone Vol​.​ 1 [BRT004]

After the stoppage we have suffered due to the current problem in the supply of physical discs, we have decided to release this compilation in digital format to overcome the material obstacles that hinder the release of music. After three years of starting our journey as a label, we take stock of what we have learned and where we want to be. “Under The Stone” is the result of a conscious awareness of the spectacularized and speculative electronic music that prevails today. A conscious and proud stance regarding the consumerist concepts of macro festivals and selfies that distort the idea of collective culture. The title refers to the double movement involved in lifting a stone. On the one hand, discovering the extraordinary ecosystem that is hidden underneath, and on the other, the act of throwing away the stone that was keeping it crushed. This album brings together a few artists, some to be discovered and others more established, but who share a common denominator, powerful sound and a challenge to established consumption clichés.

VA – Under The Stone Vol​.​ 1 [BRT004]

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