VA – Casting Shadows: Maja Pa [CSMP]

After releases curated by the masters Mick Wills and Intergalactic Gary, brokntoys presents the third and final installment in the Casting Shadows series with five tracks showcasing Maja Pa’s unique style. The EP opens with ‘A Perfect Day’ by Art Teachers, an excellent example of their distinct synth punk sound, providing the perfect introduction to the Veveo-verse. Next up is Vastechoses associate Brique Corps, who delivers the jagged body music of ‘Has Yo For All4,’. On the B-side, Czech duo Kontrajas contribute ‘Lunt,’ a circuit-breaker from their self-released Laguna EP. Label regular Rory McPike returns to his post-punk persona 2200 for the goth-infused Outlaw. The record concludes with Geoid Color Circle’s mournful ‘Adieu Trois Mort En Juin’, taken from their Six Sad World tape.


VA – Casting Shadows: Maja Pa [CSMP]

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