The Hacker – Red Team [MIN303]

After a frenzied 2019 debut on Pinkman under his scarcely-used Amato alias, The Hacker brings his seminal sound to Mindri for the sublabel’s 3rd release. Exploring desolate cityscapes and windswept tundras shrouded in winter’s gloom, he provides 6 club tracks that are suitable for dancefloors at any stage of the night. From feverish 4/4 kicks to stalking electro and a chugging after-hours stomp, stripped back rhythms dominate throughout. Punching their way through misty pads in a relentless chase with metallic synths that are icy to the touch, these are 6 slabs of machine-driven grooves from a master of the art.


The Hacker – Red Team [MIN303]

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