bijū – Land of Abundance [SOT011]

“bijū arose from the need to explore the intersection of machine and body. The need to blur the boundaries between dehumanized electronic sound and the natural environment. Its selection is a constant search between minimalist and dense, dynamic and slow, sharp and blurry sounds. The album presents strength of vision in artist’s style and that is aesthetics of dystopian future, where slow motion martial marches meet ghostly rituals, cleverly blended with synth melancholy enriched by echoes of psychedelia and industrial rawness. An attempt to reach the undefined emotions between commotion and anger, sublimity and thrill, which, along with grief and hatred were brought by the war in his homeland in Ukraine. As part of the Warsaw based Ukrainian collective SUMISH wants to strengthen interactions between people through synergies, exchange of vision and knowledge, building bridges between the migrant community and local society through the different creative disciplines. Author of the program Gnostic Methods, dedicated to slow-rolling and experimental electronic music – every month on Radio Kapitał.”

bijū – Land of Abundance [SOT011]

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