Immediate Proximity – IMPROX 1 [IMPROX1]

Futuristic electronics by Niels Luinenburg (Delta Funktionen) under his new guise Immediate Proximity – in collab with Diana Napirelly. Ambient, Bass, Electro and Techno are the main identifiers for their output. Deep and emotive is the mood, but at the same time the music is playful and has a robust and confident character. This distinct direction, which was laid-out on the pair’s debut LP ‘2334’, has now led to the start of their own label: IMPROX. On IMPROX, the duo experiments vivaciously with color, rhythm, space and tempo. Hi-tech, yet tribalistic rhythms are interlaced with elusive sci-fi themes. Big stage anthems are comfortably combined with cinematic ambient excursions. And through self engineered audio-gen modules, backed by a stark focus on sound design, the IMPROX series marks a powerful upgrade to Luinenburg’s production capabilities.


Immediate Proximity – IMPROX 1 [IMPROX1]

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