Moufang & Czamanski – Recreational Kraut [SR23LP01]

“Recreational Kraut”, the latest release on the recently relaunched Source Records label, is a collaboration between Jordan Czamanski (aka Jordan GCZ) and David Moufang (aka Move D). “Recreational Kraut” was recorded live in in three sessions in Jordan’s Amsterdam studio in 2018 and 2019. As the title suggests, the album flirts with the term and the “genre” krautrock and it’s prolonged, often improvised instrumental passages. The equipment used in the late 60s and early 70s was often rather conventional like electric piano, old synthesizers and electric bass guitar. The two instruments shaping the album and giving it a coherence, despite the varied styles and tempos are Czamanski’s Fender Rhodes and Moufang’s lyra-8, an 8 oscillator drone synthesizer which is played manually via touch sensors, giving it a very expressive sometimes violin-like other times outer-worldly, atonal character. The album’s 11 tracks span beat-less ambient soundscapes to jazzy psychedelia, as well as hints of house, techno, broken beat and funk.


Moufang & Czamanski – Recreational Kraut [SR23LP01]

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