Pluto Junkies – Contact [MIN305]

Following their 2021 debut on Mindri, Ernestas Sadau, Rapha & PRZ return to the Pinkman fold as Pluto Junkies with a 7 track mini-LP recorded at the furthest reaches of the solar system. After the swirling synths and cryptic messages on opener Launch, the record quickly descends into a frenzied supernova of metallic synths and propulsive drums. From the twitching Italo-informed techno of Astronaut Dolphine Detective to the frenetic speedball electro in Black Eye Galaxy Battle, this collection of hardware jams is straight up sonic fuel for sweat-drenched hours at wide eyed raves right around the galaxy. With the snarling acid riffs on Captain Blade and the punishing pulse in Cosmo Scooter Race, Pluto Junkies continue to ride the wave of manic energy from their first release, providing further soundtracks for only the most serious space travellers.


Pluto Junkies – Contact [MIN305]

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