Stojche – Granada [SYNCRO39]

Macedonian-in-Berlin Stojche continues his faithful exploration of deeper strains of techno with this entry for esteemed French label Synchrophone. It’s the first time the Tangible Assets artist has appeared on the label, and he does so with the statement drop of just one original tune, the frankly epic ‘Granada’. Laying down a swirling dream of synth strings and fluttering Rhodes, the core of the track is a soothing balm driven by bouncy, strident 909 kicks, but the real magic comes from the switch up as the pads give way to fast-paced, classically informed techno rush right up there with the best of Detroit. Meanwhile, the B-side is handed over to Gerard Hanson aka Convextion, who delivers a version which submerges the broad sweeping pads and focuses on building the forwards momentum.


Stojche – Granada [SYNCRO39]

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