– The Last Day Of Pompeii [MDGEM02.1/MDGEM02.2]

‘The Last Day Of Pompeii’ is a compilation of hidden gems by -most of them released via Chicago’s Hefty Records in early 2000- and few unreleased coming as a double EP. The records will have inserts presenting 2 halves of Karl Brullov painting from 1830 (that gives the name to the project). On the backside of the insert there will be anecdotes and pictures from the archives. Midgar want to pay tribute to the Pompeian duo, whose life has been entirely dedicated to music. The project ‘The Last Day Of Pompeii’ talks about their origins, early history and relationship with Hefty Records.

part1 / part2 – The Last Day Of Pompeii [MDGEM02.1/MDGEM02.2]