Launmomentdat in parc 2019

Launmomentdat in parc is a multicultural experience in the form of concerts, shows, exhibitions and film screenings that will take place between 7-9 June 2019 in the People’s Park in Timișoara. The festival includes a musical program on three stages, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, theater performances, sports and dance activities.

This year the festival is part of the Saison France-Roumanie 2019, so there are many French artists, like the electro-house veteran Cosmo Vitelli, Zaltan from Antinote and his partner Raphael Top-Secret or the electronic maverick Djedjotronic, who provided one of the best album of 2018. Besides them, is also the Swiss DJ Sassy J, who is doing her Patchwork nights for 10 years now.

These kind of artists are not very often seen in line-ups at Romanian festivals and I’m very happy to see this in Timișoara.

Timișoara will be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2021, so they are supporting these kind of events … and bwt the entry is free 🙂

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Launmomentdat in parc 2019