Traxx in Hipodrom 30.11.2010

† “Painters paint their pictures on canvas, musicians paint their pictures on silence.” Melvin Oliphant III aka Traxx

† Jak your body till you bleed!!!

† Traxx is a lover of music — one with a passion so intense that it overcomes genre divides to weave an altogether original, exciting, and multi-textured musical fabric which envelops both the avid clubber and the home listener, as well as everyone in between. Not content to be labeled as merely a DJ, a producer, or even a DJ/Producer, Traxx is a self-described “artist of sound.” A sound that is distinctive and highly emotional which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. From eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks and far beyond, Traxx hears and makes it all without discrimination, pretension or elitism.

† Traxx has released music on numerous underground labels in the US and Europe including Gigolo, Relief, Muzique, M/O/S, and Crème. His music has come to the world under a bucket load of aliasʼ including Dirty Criminals, XX Art, Mysterio, ViLLan X, Saturn V (with Tadd Mullinix), X2, and more. Heʼs also collaborated with the cream of the underground including acts like James T. Cotton (aka Tadd Mullinix), DJ Hell, Green Velvet, Dʼmarc Cantu, Mount Sims, Legowelt and many more to shape his unique definition of Jakbeat. Now finally Traxx is stepping out into the light with his first full length album under this own name for his own Chicago based imprint Nation.

† Now we have the debut Traxx album “Faith” – a record that clearly reflects Melvinʼs spiritual roots and church background as well as pushing forward his visions of Chicago circa 2009 incorporating dark core, jak trax and far beyond this is a uniquely American vision of electronic music for your mind, body and soul. The album features 11 previously unreleased compositions including collaborations with Tadd Mullinix and an acid house anthem created with Cloneʼs electro queen Nancy Fortune. For Traxx the albums title is a reflection of what we need right now globally as humans – the “Faith” to continue to struggle, to deal with the big issues of life, parenthood, finance, friendships and relationships. For him the idea behind the album was to create a story which “unfolds through emotional emancipation.” We never needed more ʻFaithʼ than we do now. Come together.

Traxx in Hipodrom 30.11.2010

7 thoughts on “Traxx in Hipodrom 30.11.2010

  1. “I am happy to join with you that day in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our Nation.”
    adapted after Martin Luther King, Jr.

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