One comment on “Orlando Voorn – EPM Podcast #14

  1. Tracklist:

    1-House Of Traps & Linkwood “Barely Eagle” (Firecracker)
    2-Trish van Eynde “Tokyo Groove” (Bastardo Electrico)
    3-Robert Hood “Alpha(the beginning)” (M-Plant)
    4-Picnic “Red Rack ‘Em” (Deep Freeze Recordings)
    5-James Flavour & Michelle Owen “What’s In A Name” (Dirt Crew)
    6- Extrawelt “Tonladen” (Darkroom Dubs)
    7- Ican “Make It Hot” (Ican Productions)
    8- Art Bleek “Message To The Dreamer” (Eevo Next)
    9- Art Bleek “Distant Self” (Eevo Next)
    10-Art Bleek “Sky Harbour” (Eevo Next)
    11-Orlando Voorn feat Blake Baxter “Love Break(Chopped Up mix)” (Divine US)
    12-Orlando Voorn “Power of Beauty” (Divine US)
    13-K’Alexi “You Are (Orlando Voorn remix)” (Divine US)
    14-Extrawelt “Neuland” (Darkroom Dubs)
    15-Shari Vari “A Number Of Names (Strand Electric Cafe mix)” (Puzzlebox)
    16-Planetary Assault Systems “Darkcity” (Peacefrog)
    17_Arne Weinberg & Shawn Rudiman “Don’t Ask Too Much” (Technoir Audio)
    18-Future Beat Alliance “Machines Can Help” (Tresor) *
    19-Nu-Dimensions “The Exit” Nightvision Sampler 2 (Nightvision)
    20-Conforce “Shade” (Delsin)
    21-James Ruskin & Mark Broom “No Time Too Soon” (Blueprint)
    22-Art Bleek “Innergy” (Eevo Next)
    23-Orlando Voorn “Flight 313” (NightVision)
    24-Yasuo Sato “The 36th Scene” (Logos)
    25-Sidearms “Humantics” (Logos)
    26-Agore “Like Sleeping on clouds” (Logos)
    27-El Provost “That House Shit” (Third Ear) *
    28- El Provost “Money Honey” (Third Ear) *
    29-Space DJz “The Funny” (Detelefunk)
    30-Altroy “Complex Impendance” (NightVision)
    31-Rennie Foster “Chicken Little” (NightVision)
    32-Armando “100% Dissin You” (Warehouse)
    33-Orlando Voorn “Work That Deadmouse” (Voorn Kolectiv)

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