One thought on “Gerd – LWE Podcast 67

  1. Tracklist:
    01. Erdbeerschnitzel, “Suave” [4 Lux Black]
    02. Alex Agore, “The Dayz Of Wayback” [4 Lux Black]
    03. Iken, “Mind’s Eye” [Real Soon]
    04. Jacob Korn, “Supakrank” [Dolly]
    05. The Shake Up Connection, “Untitled” [Amplified]
    06. Ka§par, “Ode To The Ancient Ones” [*]
    07. James Johnston, “Feeling Good In The Dark” [4 Lux Black]
    08. The Gathering, “In My System” (Jef K’s System Mix) [Silver Network]
    09. Headless Ghost, “The Journey” (Tribute Mix) [Sthlmaudio Recordings]
    10. Mood II Swing, “Function” [Music For Your Ears]
    11. Jitterbug, “Speakers Corner” [Uzuri]
    12. Gerd, “Freedom” (Vocal Mix) [4 Lux Black]
    13. Joint Movement, “Untitled-A2″ [Balance Alliance]
    14. Gerd, “Time & Space” [*]
    15. Sound Stream, “Deeper Love” [Sound Stream]
    16. Gavin Herlihy, “Train Dodging” [Cadenza]
    17. Gerd, “Friendly Fire” (Extended) [Royal Oak]
    18. SBTRKT, “Jamlock” [Brainmath]
    19. Roska & Untold, “Long Range” [Numbers]

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