One thought on “Lucy – Mixmag Russia Mixtape 054

  1. Tracks:
    Shackleton “Hackney Marshed” [Tectonic]
    Peverlist “The Grind” [Punch Drunk]
    James Ruskin and Mark Broom “The Future That Was” [Blueprint]
    Lone “Cloud 909” [Magic Wire]
    Shed “With Bag and Baggage” [Monkeytown]
    Phil Kieran “Empty Vessels” (Gary Beck Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
    Traversable Wormhole “Exiting The Milkway” (Surgeon Remix) [CLR]
    Steve Rachmad “Chios” [Music Man]
    Marcel Dettmann “Lyrate” [Monkeytown]
    Lucy & Xhin “LX1” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
    Mike “Pompage” [Echocord Colour]
    Cally “Wake Oops!” [Fear Of Flying]
    Darko Esser “Clean Slate” (DVS1 Remix) [Curle]
    Darko Esser “Clean Slate” (Lucy Remix) [Curle]
    Claudio PRC “Clear Dephts” (Silent Servant Remix) [Prologue]

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