One comment on “SCB – XLR8R Podcast 193

  1. 01 Recondite “Yield” (Plangent)
    02 Sven Wiesemann “Emphasized” (Mojuba)
    03 Terence Fixmer “Comedy of Menace” (Electric Deluxe)
    04 Braille “Leavin Without You” (Rush Hour)
    05 Obsolete Music Technology “Relapse” (Machining Dreams)
    06 Unknown “Untitled”
    07 John Spring “Drummachines” (Airdrop)
    08 Shifted “Untitled” (AVN)
    09 Sigha “HF029B1” (Hotflush)
    10 Deadbeat “Vampire” (Echochord)
    11 SCB “Down Moment” (Ostgut Ton)
    12 SCB “Loss” (Aus)
    13 Instra:mental “Pyramid” (3024)
    14 2 AM FM “Desolate Cities” (Mos Deep)
    15 Ness “Ancient Crackle” (Sonata)
    16 Patrice Scott “2000 Black” (Sistrum)
    17 Mike Denhert “Unknown” (Fachwerk)
    18 Jon Convex “Order into Chaos” (3024)
    19 Rod “Malmok One” (Klockworks)
    20 Sigha “Politics of Dying” (Our Circula Sound)
    21 SCB “Overlay” (SCB)
    22 Portable “Inside Your Mind” (Karat)

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