George FitzGerald – Silhouette EP [AUS1134]

FITZGERALD, George - Silhouette EP (Front Cover)

FitzGerald once again manages to create a world in which garage, dubstep, house, R&B and a host of other musical influences happily co-exist. On Silhouette hints of warm acid, layered oscillating synth lines, propulsive beats and FitzGerald’s signature use of vocal samples make this a peak time affair, albeit an incredibly lush one. Reset is eight minutes of forward thinking UK Garage combined with the melodic sensibilities of Detroit techno. For the Silhouette remix, Roberts develops a relentless broken groove, occasionally punctured by brief piano interludes that recall the sounds of his 2011 debut full-length on Dial Records, Glass Eights. A breathtaking remix that sounds like nothing else out there at the moment.


George FitzGerald – Silhouette EP [AUS1134]

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