One thought on “Aybee – LWE Podcast 101

  1. Tracklist:
    01. Herbie Hancock, “Tools” [white]
    02. Aybee, “Ozzie Davis” [Future Vision]
    03. Aybee, “Nigg#z and Space Machines” [Deepblak]
    04. Prof. Delacroix, “Build Her” [Deepblak]
    05. Mist Works, “Common Question” (Aybee’s Immortal Mix) [Atjazz Record Co.]
    06. Ron Trent, “Manifesto” (Aybee’s Blak Space Federation Slap) [Deepblak]
    07. Orion 70, “Enki” [Deepblak]
    08. Orion 70, “Blak Planet” [Deepblak]
    09. Aybee, “Love Of” [Deepblak]
    10. Aybee, “Solaris” [Deepblak]

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