Conforce – Escapism [90DSR]

Holland’s deep electronic specialist Conforce release his next full-length work, “Escapism”, on Delsin Records.  Boris Bunnik has crafted another album of deep digital and authentic analogue bliss, combining elements of futurism with real hardware, decent software and to simply goes wherever it takes him, be that a landscape doused in dub, formed from a firmer techno template or built on a house groove. As such, the aptly entitled album is a wholly immersive listen from start to finish. Operating in its own deep and subliminal world of rhythm, it goes from lateral and dubby to more upright and kicking, touching on ambient moments and the odd classist moment along the way. From start to finish Escapism grabs your attention without being rushed, hurried or over-complicated. It’s the sort of album which works on both headphones up-close, but also on a dancefloor at distant thanks to its devilish detail but palpable presence.

vinyl / CD

Conforce – Escapism [90DSR]

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